San Diego Fish Species

Common San Diego Fish Species Questions

What fish are biting in San Diego Bay?

In San Diego Bay, a variety of fish species are known to be biting, including spotted bay bass, sand bass, halibut, and various types of rays. Captain Ethan Hougie, with his extensive knowledge of the San Diego fishing scene, can expertly guide anglers to prime spots where these species are most likely to be found, ensuring an exciting and fruitful fishing experience aboard California Sport Fishing Co.

What kind of fish do you catch in San Diego?

In San Diego, a diverse array of fish species can be caught, ranging from yellowtail and tuna to bass, halibut, and even sharks. Captain Ethan Hougie, with his deep expertise in San Diego's fishing waters, knows exactly where to find these elusive species, ensuring a thrilling and successful fishing expedition aboard California Sport Fishing Co.

Is San Diego fishing good?

San Diego offers excellent fishing opportunities year-round, thanks to its diverse marine ecosystem and favorable weather conditions. With Captain Ethan Hougie's seasoned expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional fishing experiences, anglers can trust California Sport Fishing Co. to navigate the waters and reel in the excitement of San Diego's abundant fish populations.

A California Sport Fishing Co. Fishing Charter targets the top San Diego Fish species including Calico Bass, Mahi Mahi (Common Dolphin), Rockfish, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna. We primarily Fish the Pacific Ocean, Second San Diego Aqueduct, San Diego Aqueduct.